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This volume has over 30 recipes and the book has also been translated in Spanish! I have separated the eBook into two simple categories: sweet and savory. As in my first eBook, I offer plenty of modifications and tips to every single recipe. Where it was suitable, I offer ways make the recipes paleo, vegetarian, and vegan. I want everyone to be able to enjoy my recipes therefore I took all eating lifestyle choices into consideration. 
– As with Volume 1, Clean Eats Volume 2 is a PDF file that can be downloaded to any smartphone, eBook reader, computer and so on.
– The pages can also be printed off for your convenience. THERE IS NO HARD COPY. This is an electronic book 🙂 You will not recieve anything in your mailbox!
-A link will automatically be sent to your email address once payment has been recieved through Paypal (you do not need a Paypal account to purchase). This link will be a link to download the eBook. This link will only be sent to the email address in which the purchase came from. If you need it sent to another email address you MUST SPECIFY that in the Special Notes section upon purchasing. It is an automatic program that sends out the links and I have to manually send out any special requested files seperately. I will not know to do this unless it is specified!
-If you are wanting to keep the eBook stored on your iPhone or iPad I recommend downloading a free app called iBooks. This is a PDF file reader that may be necessary to support the eBook file. If you are using any other smartphone or tablet other than an iphone, you can find plenty of free PDF file reader apps as well, Quick Office is one of many. Please try this method before emailing me with problems related to unsupported file messages 🙂
-If you purchase the eBook from a computer, the PDF file should open automatically once you click the link emailed to you. Once you have clicked that link-the eBook will automatically be saved into your computer (you just have to find out where: check your Recent Downloads file folder). 
-Whatever device or computer type you use to purchase and download the file-you should NEVER have to go back to the email where the download link was sent. The eBook should be saved to your computer or will be forever stored in your iBooks or Quick Office app.

How to Purchase:

Step 1: Click on the Buy Now button ABOVE!

Step 2: Insert your payment info and submit. Remember to specify if you need the file sent to a different email address other than the one you are purchasing from. You can enter this info in the Special Notes section. If for some reason no such section appears please email me directly so I can personally send the eBook to the working email address. My email address is

Step 3: You will receive an email shortly after submitting payment. This email will have a link to download the cook book. Please see above notes as to what to do with this link information if you are not sure. Enjoy 🙂

Thank you all for your continuing support!

La segunda edición de “Clean Eats” ya esta a la venta!

Esta edición tiene mas de 30 recetas y también fue traducido al español. Separe este libro (ebook) en dos categorías muy sencillas: dulce y salado. Como en mi primer libro ofrezco varios tips y modificaciones en cada receta. En algunas recetas ofrezco la opción de prepararlas de manera vegana, paleo o vegetariana. Quiero que todos puedan disfrutar de mis recetas, por eso considere todos los estilos de alimentación!


-Igual que el primer volumen de Clean Eats, el Volumen 2 esta en archivo PDF que puede ser descargado a cualquier celular (Smartphone), laptop o computadora.

-Las páginas también pueden imprimirse para su comodidad o conveniencia. NO existe un LIBRO EN FISICO. Es un libro electrónico (ebook) J . No recibirán ningún paquete en su correspondencia.

-Un link será enviado automáticamente a la dirección de su correo electrónico una vez que el pago sea procesado a través de PayPal (no necesitas tener una cuenta de PayPal para hacer la compra). Este link será para poder descargar tu ebook. Este link será enviado solamente a la dirección de correo electrónico del cual se hizo la compra. Si necesitas que sea enviado a un correo electrónico diferente, deberás ESPECIFICARLO en la sección de Notas Especiales (Special Notes) al momento de comprarlo. Es un programa que envía los links automáticamente, asi que yo tengo que enviarlo de manera manual cuando existan especificaciones, de otra manera no sabré que debo hacerlo.

-Si quieres guardar tu ebook en tu celular Iphone o en tu Ipad, te recomiendo bajar la aplicación iBook, es gratis. Es un lector de archivos PDF que puedes necesitar para leer tu ebook. Si utilizar algún otro celular o aparato, puedes encontrar otras aplicaciones gratuitas, Quik Office es una de ellas. Porfavor intenta con estas aplicaciones antes enviarme un correo diciendo que tu celular no puede soportar o respaldar el ebook J .

-Si compras el ebook desde una computadora de escritorio, el archivo PDF debe abrirse en automatico una vez que des click en el link que se envio a tu correo electrónico. Una vez que led click a ese link, el ebook quedara guardado auto,automáticamente en tu computadora (solo tienes que encontrar en donde, intenta en el folder de Descargas Recientes).

-Cualquiera que sea el teléfono o computadora que utilices para comprar y descargar el ebook, NUNCA tendrias que regresar al email (correo electrónico) del cual se te envio el link. Tu ebook quedara guardado en tu computadora, iBooks o QuikOffice.


1- Da click en el botón de Comprar Ahora (Buy Now) que esta arriba.

2- Agrega los datos y tu forma de pago. Recuerda especificar si necesitas que el archivo sea enviado a un correo electrónico distinto del que estas usando para la compra. Puedes agregar esta información en la parte de Notas especiales (Special notes). Si por alguna razón esta sección no te aparece, porfavor envíame un correo directamente para que yo pueda enviarlo personalmente a la dirección solicitada. Mi correo es

3- Recibirás un correo electrónico en unos momentos después de que se acepte tu pago. Este correo tendrá el link donde podrás descargar el recetario. Por favor lee las notas de arriba si no estás seguro de que hacer con el link. Disfrútalo!

Gracias a todos por su apoyo 🙂



Clean Eats Vol. 1


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This eBook features over 40 recipes. The cookbook is broken down into 4 categories; Breakfast Ideas, Meal Ideas, Appetizers/Sides/Snacks, and of course, Desserts. One great characteristic my cookbook has is that I offer plenty of modifications to my recipes. I really took all dietary needs and preferences into account here. Where it was found suitable, I offered modifications to make my recipes IBS-friendly, Paleo, Vegetarian, Vegan, or even Nut-free. I really want you all to be able to enjoy my recipes, no matter what lifestyle choice you follow.

This eBook is a recipe cookbook made in a PDF format. This PDF file can be downloaded through any smartphone, laptop, desktop, tablet/book reader, and so on. The pages can also be printed out for your convenience. There is NO HARD COPY, NO physical book! It’s a file that will be sent to you via your email address once payment has been received through PayPal (you do not need a PayPal account to purchase). It is $10.


144 thoughts on “Nutty4Nutrition eBooks

  1. Hey, I downloaded your book as an app but about a week after I got it,the app says error and that the link/page cannot be found 😦

  2. Hey girl. This is my 1st ever purchase of an ebook (follow u on insta & absolutely love all ur posts) but I’m not very tech savvy. Lol. I have android phone. Downloaded ibooks and was able to open the book after download but now I can’t get back to it wothout downloading again. Already used 2/5 attempts. Is there a way I can save to ibooks. Not familiar w/ that program. Anyways I hope to fig out so I can start cooking!!!

  3. Hey!

    I follow you on Instagram and love all of your recipes! I would love to purchase your ebook to try the rest!

    Just a few questions; I have celiac disease- are all of your ebook recipes gluten free? Also, how do you incorporate apple cider vinegar into your diet to battle bloating?


  4. Hi Chantel!!

    I love your recipe ideas and am an avid follower on IG! I just re-purchased your book thinking it was a new/different one from the one I purchased in August! I’m such an airhead but in any case I’m happy support you!

  5. I follow you on instgram. All your food looks amazing. I just purchased your ebook. I went through all the steps before my attempt to contact you. Everything went fine until the point of opening the file. i have a Galaxy S 3 if that helps thanks .

  6. Hi, I love following you on Instagram (took those puffed rice protein squares camping!) but not sure if this book is worth me buying. I can’t eat fructose. I can substitute honey and syrups but not dates etc. what is the main sweetener you use in these recipes?


  7. Hey girl in just purchased your book I have an iPhone 4S but it won’t let me download it 😦 and I’m not super saved with all these things

  8. Hi! I was wondering what kind of digestive pills you take? I often feel very uncomfortable and want to try to see if things will be better if I take pills. But I have no idea of which ones to try…

    • I take digestive enzymes (1 with a small meal or 2 with a big meal) these help break down your food so you can digest and eliminate it. I also take a probiotic every night. The brand does not matter but opt for buying them from a health food store or a wholisitc practitioner’s office if they sell them. Make sure to buy probiotics that are kept in the refriderated section!

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