Quote of the day and tips on how to be inspired in the kitchen!


So I don’t write novels about my thoughts too often and for one main reason: I’m really just too lazy to sort out my own thoughts into a version where other humans can understand, nvm myself πŸ˜‚. However here’s a little thought for ya. 🌟 Inspiration rules all. If you don’t have inspiration you don’t have passion. Without that drive, whatever you are working towards in life wether it be a work related, relationship related, or health related goal is simply a CHORE. And who likes doing those πŸ˜–. Now I will admit, when I first starting working out wayyyy back in the day I loved it, but I hated trying to eat right. I just wanted my burgers n’ fries and pastas and desserts. I wasn’t inspired to eat right and since I was doing it wrong (eating like a bird-aka not enough, eating all low-fat, sugar-free, 100 calorie pack snacks that were just candy bars with oats instead of a chocolate coating, etc) I didn’t see or more importantly FEEL like my effort was amounting to anything. I was never inspired about healthy eating until my Doctor recommend I try cutting gluten out of my diet to try and resolve my digestive issues. No gluten 😩😱😭😳?! But how does one live…welp, I got my ass on google, on Instagram and discovered this whole new world of amazement. Wait, so you can make pancakes out of oats? There are flours made from all types of nuts? There are other grains besides wheat? Sayyyy what?! I started experimenting and it was so much fun. Then I dove head first into the pool of making and eating real food, made with real ingredients. I researched (and continue to) about other fun food alternatives, other “diet” lifestyles (as you know-one meal I post could be vegan, the next paleo).

β˜€οΈβ˜€οΈAnd here I am. Yes, there have been tons of recipe failures, tons of frustrated moments, and tons of different mindsets that have come from this lifestyle. Yes, I have days and sometimes several in a row where the last place I feel like being is in the kitchen. I’m still human πŸ˜†. But the rewards that comes from making successful, health conscious meals made from scratch are truly life changing. MY ADVICE to anyone putting in effort to eat right but they aren’t feeling INSPIRED:

1) Get yo ass in the kitchen. It’s not as scary of a place as you think it is. If you claim you can’t cook or bake-well that’s why there’s TONS of places where you can find recipes, and for free. Once you find a site or a person (blog, Facebook, Instagram) that has provided you with a successful recipe (in both form and taste), stick with them. They tend to use relatively the same ingredients, saving you from having to learn and buy a million different ones which can be overwhelming). 2) Be patient. Not everything your going to try will turn out. But guaranteed, the more you try-the greater your chances of success. Successful creations in the kitchen lead to: motivation. YOU made something incredible with your own hands. Your family liked it, your friends liked it-you can’t help but feel like a boss 😎. You’ll like feeling a boss-so you’ll do it again. 3) If time is an issue. Try meal prepping or making a few staple items that you can use over the next few days. Example: if you have rice and chicken made all you have to do when you get home is sautΓ©e some veggies with a few flavorful dashes of herbs and spices, maybe throw in some nuts and your done. Or throw a bunch of veggies in a food processor or blender and pulse a few times to get a finely chopped salad. Mix it in with your rice and plop that chicken on top. 4) Realize that with experience, comes knowledge. The more you physically and mentally put work into making your food-the more simple, helpful ideas will just come to you. Trust me-this is ALL coming from a girl who only knew how to make Kraft Dinner when she moved out. And most importantly 5) Remember why the hell you wanted to start this journey. And never let yourself forget it. I hope that for most of you, your reason goes far beyond the aesthetics because the deeper you go with your desires, the deeper you go with a full out lifestyle change that will stay. For life.


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