Why I don’t count calories or macros

I’ve been getting asked a lot lately if I count calories or macros so I thought I’d explain why I don’t, and there are several reasons why. They are all ~PERSONAL~ reasons. If you count and your life has never been better-all the power to you, I’ve seen it work wonders for many people. But as for myself, here’s why I’m better off free styling it:

1⃣I tried counting macros (never just calories. In my opinion, if your going to go through the trouble of counting-at least count macros vs. calories. Please google for more details 😘) a few times in the past out of curiosity. I hated every moment. I never lasted more than a few days. The last time I tried-I got to lunch and said eff it 😜 Happiness doesn’t come from doing things you dread.

2⃣A huge reason for that ⬆️ is because I’m not a repetitive eater. I’m ALWAYS making and trying out new recipes. I understand if you eat the same thing everyday-tracking the macros isn’t that hard since it’s all in the program already but I’m eating new things every darn day. I just would rather do pretty much anything else in the world than sit there and punch every bite I take or every recipe I make into my phone.

3⃣I’m very oppositional. If you tell me not to do something…I’m gonna want to do it. So, at the end of the night if my fitness pal tells me my carbs or fats are used up for the day..well that’s exactly what I’m gonna want. And in the past, that’s what I’d do. Rebel against my fitness pal, feel like crap about it and binge on some more stuff that I’ve maxed out for the day. So some may conclude that I’m too “weak” for it. By all means, think what you wish. I believe my biggest strengths come from recognizing my weaknesses.

4⃣Counting didn’t pass my 1 year test. Whenever I try a new diet/lifestyle/habit I ask myself: “Can I see myself doing this a year from now? What about 5 years from now?” And considering I can’t even get through a week…..#epicfail for that test. I don’t do well with any fitness or food “rules.” Rules create pressure and stress which counteracts why I want to incorporate fitness and eating right into my life. This is a huge question for me because a healthy lifestyle is just that-a lifestyle. It should be easy to imagine doing it for the rest of your life.

5⃣Numbers and I are not friends. Just like tequila and I are not friends 😜. I don’t own a scale and I never will because I don’t want a number to define me. I honestly weigh myself twice a year. I just don’t care-my clothes tell me how I’m doing 😉 I do not want numbers controlling my life. I want to control my life.

🌟And those are the biggest ones. Like I said before, if you’ve found a habit that works for you-I am legit so happy for you. But just eating-when and what I want-is my habit. I didn’t create this post to encourage the ridiculousness going around these days. “Team eat clean” or “team iifym.” And we also have “team no thigh gap” vs “team thigh gap” or “team curvy” and “team lean.” Team this and that blah blah. How about “team be whatever the heck you ARE and do whatever the heck works for YOU.” I’m aware of what macros are and I agree that they all serve a very important purpose-which is why I eat them all daily. Some of you may be thinking “well if you counted you could look your best. You could reach your goals faster.” No. Please don’t assume my goals. I’m completely aware that I could reach my absolute very best physique if I counted…but I would have to sacrifice my sanity and happiness and I’m not willing to do that. My goal is healthy. Happy is healthy so I’ll just keep doing my thing and just as I respect everyone else’s choices, all I ask is for that respect in return 😊.🌟Again, just emphasizing on the fact that this whole caption and my “reasons” are all personal experiences and opinions. No need for Sensitive Sally’s on this beautiful day ☺️😉😘


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