A Favorite Quote


We all compare somehow, someway in our lives. It’s nature. When I first started my healthy journey, sometimes it was tough coming on Instagram and seeing the progress of the amazing people I follow. I’d get down on myself for not having so and so’s flat, unbloated tummy or so and so’s perfect A$$. I’d feel guilty eating my healthy, homemade pancakes with pure maple syrup when I saw people eating their no sugar added EVER meals. I would beat myself up if I didn’t make it to the gym yet came on to see everyone killin’ it. If any of that relates to you ⬆-cut that crap out RIGHT MEOW 😾. Thankfully, that phase full of thievery did not last long-at ALL. I don’t allow myself to feel any negative thoughts for more than a couple days. I give myself a mini pity party when necessary and than I woman the eff up because let’s face it-who the hell enjoys feeling shitty?! I’m fortunate enough to have some strong control over my feelings-(some do not and my heart truly goes out to anyone directly or indirectly affected by such unfortunate conditions 😞)-and therefore, I do not let myself sit in those pessimistic puddles! Figure out your OWN goals, your own path to get there and OWN it. Be you, do you, and love you. Use Instagram and other forms of social media for ideas and inspiration. Appreciate others as you appreciate yourself. I follow everything from bodybuilding competitors to moms trying to lose weight. I follow raw vegans, and I follow carnivores that live the paleo life. I follow gym rats and yogis. Cross fitters and personal trainers. I learn from every SINGLE person that I follow and I take that-and fit it into ME and MY journey. I love it-it’s beautiful and always makes for an exciting new day. I pray that anyone struggling with comparing, can one day overcome that and see the power and beauty invested in themselves.


3 thoughts on “A Favorite Quote

  1. Couldn’t have said it any better! I use to be one of those people who had no control over how they felt, and would constantly feel horrible about myself, I’m talking weeks. Somehow I got over it and started to pick out the good things I was seeing in myself, and from there it expanded. I wouldn’t say I’m obsessed with myself, but I’m constantly being impressed by what my body can do. It’s about becoming a better you, and learning to love yourself and everything you do 🙂

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