Rellenos de Coliflor


“Rellenos de Coliflor” my fiancé helped me make my very first Hispanic recipe! Basically what this is is cauliflower florets fried with an egg batter around them, and simmered in a tomato sauce for extra flavor! These are vegetarian, paleo, and I made them Whole 30 friendly for myself! You need to try these, amaze balls! There is also another version but made with bell peppers, and they are stuffed with meat and veggies too! That’ll be my next attempt! 💪 Enjoy my pretties!!!


-Cauliflower florets in bunches (use as many as you’d like and you can make them whatever size you’d like! I had 10 medium sized bunches)
-3 whole, free range eggs
-1 cup canned diced tomatoes (with liquid)
-Any spices/you wish to add to your egg batter and your tomato sauce (I only used original mrs. Dash and black pepper in my egg batter and I added oregano, paprika, and black pepper with my diced tomato “sauce”
-1/4 cup part-skim mozzarella or goat cheese, shredded (I did not use cheese so I’m estimating on the measurements)
-1 tsp Coconut oil (for frying)


-Break apart your cauliflower florets into bunches of your desired size.
-Boil your bunches in water for ~4 minutes, drain and let cool.
-*******You can add cheese (I would imagine a part-skim mozzarella or mozzarella/feta goat cheese would taste bomb) in between your cauliflower bunch crevasses. Just stuff it all in between! I did not because cheese is a Whole 30 no no, but you best believe I’ll be adding a little of goat cheese post-whole 30******
-Seperate the egg whites from the yolks, place the egg whites in a large bowl, set the yolks aside (you WILL be using the yolks, do NOT throw them out!!!)
-Place a large skillet on the oven and melt your coconut oil on a med-low heat.
-Beat your egg whites with an electric hand mixer for 3 minutes. You want them very fluffy and foamy.
-Add the yolks in, and any spices/herbs you want. Beat for another couple minutes.
-Dip each cauliflower bunch, one by one, in the egg mixture and place on the already heated skillet on the oven. If necessary, pour more egg mixture on top of your cauliflower once it’s in the pan to ensure the whole bunch is covered with egg. Repeat with every bunch.
*-As you go along, try scooping up any egg mixture seeping from the bunch and pouring it back on top of your cauliflower bunches.
-Flip your bunches when one side is cooked, keep flipping until all angles are cooked.
-In another skillet, bring your cup of diced tomatoes and juice (and spices if you wish) to a boil. Immediately turn heat down to simmer.
-Place your cauliflower bunches in the sauce as they cook one by one. Pour the sauce in top of the bunches every so often. Once all bunches are simmering in the sauce, with sauce poured on top, let simmer for 5 minutes to let the flavors absorb!
-Ta Da!





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