Egg White Pizzas


An easy, delicious gluten free answer to enjoying a pizza packed with protein! I’ve been eating these pizzas a lot lately, I like them so much I don’t even crave real pizza!

Crust Ingredients:

-Egg whites-no specific measurement, it depends on how thick you want your crust. I used egg whites from a carton, and I’d estimate around 1 cup. In Egg talk, I’d guess around 7-8 egg whites.
-Spices and Herbs of your choice ( I like oregano, basil, black pepper, and sea salt)
-EVOO ( extra virgin olive oil)


-In a smaller frying pan, thinly cover the pan’s surface with EVOO and let it heat up on med-low heat
-Add your egg whites and sprinkle your desired herbs and spices on top
-Flip your crust when the outer edges start to golden…be patient, don’t flip too fast or your crust turns into scrambled eggs hahaha
-Flip back over when the other side is cooked so your spiced side-up again. Turn your heat to low or simmer. Top your crust with your pizza sauce, and or pesto sauce and toppings of your choice.
-Cover with a lid and let sit for a few mins until your whole pizza is warmed and your cheese is melted.



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