Cilantro/Coriander Face Mask


Annnnd, my Halloween costume! I’m going as The Hulk! What do you think!? Hahahaha just kidding! I made a homemade face mask to kick my acne in the ass! The lady who does my eyebrows and facials is from India and has tons of insight on all natural skin, and just general health care. I love picking her brain, she is so informative! Anyways, she obviously knows my skin best and suggested I try a cilantro face mask. Why cilantro? She explained that it is detoxifying, anti-inflammatory, and anti-bacterial. After doing more research on the herb (that I actually hate eating, and smelling for that matter lol) I found out that it is a super herb and now I’m mad that I hate it! But at least my face likes it!

Cilantro is a herb packed with many health benefits, including skin care! It has a cooling effect, as well as anti-inflammatory properties making it a nice addition to treatments geared for sensitive skin. This simple face mask uses fresh, puréed (my food processor failed on the purée-ing bit but oh well lol) cilantro. You can always add other ingredients to help cleanse, detoxify, or exfoliate. Cilantro is a great face mask for all skin types, but mature skin, sensitive skin, red skin, and acne-prone skin will love it the most. I personally did some research on some other acne fighting foods and decided to add oats and egg whites. The egg whites also help with anti-aging and wrinkles. It’s like a natural face lift! And if you have scars from chronic acne, save those yolks for another mask. Egg yolks are mainly all vitamin A, which will help with scarring 🙂


Handful of fresh, rinsed cilantro
2 egg whites
1/2 cup uncooked oats


-With your food processor on, drop in your cilantro leaves. Next your egg whites, then your oats.
-If your food processor didn’t do a great job like mine decided to do, then mix all ingredients around by hand until thoroughly mixed.
-Wash and dry your face
-Cake on your mask
-Let it sit for 10-15 mjns or until it hardens
-Rinse off


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