Pumpkin Pie Parfait


I’m a newbie at indulging in overnight oats. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the concept-your basically preparing oats with whatever flavors you want and leave it in a container overnight so the oats fluff and absorb your flavors, and voila it’s ready for you in the morning! You can eat it cold, some people warm it up. Ive always been hesitant to try it because most people eat it cold, and I found that weird lol, but I’ve been eating them cold and it’s definitely a treat! I understand the hype now! Eat and go! Perfect for those who are always super busy, those who have kids to get ready in the mornings, everyone!!! Your basic recipe will be 1/2 cup oats and 3/4 cup to 1 full cup of water or any milk alternative (I use almond milk). From there you can add pretty much anything you want, protein powders, chia seeds, Greek yogurt, organic peanut butter or pb2, pumpkin, applesauce….anything! Here’s the recipe for my Pumpkin Pie Parfait-


1/2 cup rolled oats
3/4 cup original unsweetened almond milk
1 tbsp chia seeds
2 heaping tsp of pure pumpkin (canned)
1 tsp cinnamon
Pinch of: ground cloves, ground nutmeg, ground ginger, and allspice or to make it easier-pumpkin spice if your lucky enough to own it!!!


-Mix all those ingredients together in a container. Place in fridge overnight!
-I layered my oats in the morning with layers of Coconutty Cream (recipe is already on my blog-check it out, it’s definitely worth it!) I did add some more cinnamon to the Cream! Topped it with chopped apple!


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