Meal Presentations




The pictures above are not masterpieces. There are no recipes. They are all very simple meals with very simple ingredients thrown together. But they look tasty right!? And you want to eat them right!? My point exactly! You do not have to be a master chef to be a successful clean eater. Some people have no troubles at all eating clean foods everyday, but most of us struggle. We struggle because we are bored, our loved ones and it family members don’t support us, and we run out of ideas. If you try and make your food look fun, look beautiful-your gonna wanna eat it! I’m no presentation artist by any means, but the pictures I get the most likes of on instagram are easy meals, no recipes, just stuff thrown together on a plate. To be honest, my rice cake pictures are always a huge a hit…RICE CAKES! We eat with our eyes first. If you make your food appealing to your eyes, your mouth will be jealous. I’m not saying spend hours on your plating, just dress it up a bit! Especialllllly if you have children you want to get eating healthy! I am a full grown child so I know how they think! Cookie cutter fruit, colorful rainbows….and you’ve got them hooked! Stay strong, and eat clean! đŸ™‚


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